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 King’s College Hospital, London, and Kidney Research UK were delighted to be able to announce in June 2016 that the number of dialysis patients recruited onto the four-year PIVOTAL clinical trial reached the nationwide target of 2,080.


Conducting research in dialysis patients in the UK can be problematic since the majority of the patients are managed in satellite dialysis units, geographically distinct from the mother unit. Involving patients from the satellites is essential and this has been one of the key successes of PIVOTAL, working with the network of lead research nurses at each of the participating sites and link nurses at satellites.


Chief Investigator, Iain Macdougall said, “Reaching our patient target was a fantastic achievement and something to be celebrated by everyone involved. We continue to be extremely thankful for the effort made by all 50 sites in recruiting patients to this important study and are very grateful to the patients who have agreed to take part. There is huge interest internationally in PIVOTAL, and although it will be several years before we will know the study outcome, we can be confident the results will be of interest to healthcare professionals looking after dialysis patients worldwide, as well as to the patients themselves.” 


The focus now shifts from patient recruitment to retention. The number of endpoints and completeness and accuracy of the data collection will be key areas which will be monitored closely during the anticipated 2 year follow up period.


For further information contact Claire White, Clinical Trial Manager



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